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Playdate [ Starter for 50-Shades-Of-Armin-Arlert ]

     Looking out from the stone step he was standing on, the blond still tried to decide whether or not this was a good decisions. From the way that Levi was putting it, he was pretty sure that nothing bad would come from this. Taking in a deep breath, and moving slowly off the step to the ground, he let out the air as soon as his foot hit the grass. 

"U-Um… nice to meet you Levi…!" 

      Calling out from a distance, he noticed that the black haired male was farther away from him now. Glancing at his surroundings, he scuttled over to the other male, slipping on his feet a little before he got there, but managed to maintain his balance. 

"Well… I’m not very good at hiding… so… would you like to…? Also the uhm… tree could be base…" 


     He wasn’t one to say ‘Nice to meet you too’, even though his parents taught him to be polite as he could be. And he was, for his age, but that didn’t mean he went all out. When he felt the moment was right to say ‘Thank you’s’ and ‘You’re welcome’s’, he’d say so. And right now, he just wanted to be like any other child and get to playing.

"Alright then. Turn around and count then."

     He said, walking behind the tree, acting as if he was walking off to another place.

"Count to thirty."

     Levi said, as he grasped on to a piece of bark that seemed strong enough for him to start climbing. Oh yeah, he had his eyes on the branch that was close to the top. Seemed like the perfect hiding spot.

"That is… If you can count to thirty.”

          It was cold and windy just like any other day in the coast. The sunlight’s reflection shining underwater, the scent of the salty sea, the peaceful sound of waves crashing ashore, the distant squawking of the seagulls, the beautiful blue horizon that stretched as far as it could go, and last but not least, the mysterious man the mermaid saved sat on the boulders where the teenager would spend his free time on.

          It had been several weeks since the creature last seen him. The man was drowning and had a severe injury. Eren, who had little to no knowledge of medical care, did everything he can to save his life. He swam as fast as he could to land, despite the risks of him being captured. It was a good thing he was fit for a half human/half fish creature. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have made it in time before his condition turned to its worst.

          Resting on the large boulder that was shallow enough for half of his body to be in the water, he observed the humans, watching them as they go on with their daily lives. He life long dream was to leave the ocean and explore the land too see whats out there but that dream was nowhere near to be granted. If only he had two legs… He sighed.

           An hour has past since he came here. Becoming drowsy, his eyes began to slowly close until they were shut but he was awaken once he heard loud footsteps on the sand . He dived into the water, hiding behind the rock to see who was there. Realizing the person was heading towards his direction, the brunet swam a few feet away, making sure to keep his distance. No one but him ever came here and he made sure of that. Who was this mysterious man? He swam above the surface once again, only showing half of his head. He seemed…familiar. Who was this guy? 

          Then it hit him. That mysterious man was the man he saved weeks ago. He spent all of these days worrying if he had survived or not and if he was okay but now, he didn’t need to anymore. For that man was now standing right in front of him alive and healthy. Relief washed over the teen’s body as now he wouldn’t have to worry about him anymore. He was glad to see him not unconscious, wet, nor bleeding.

          He ducked his head back into the water and stayed there, hoping the man would leave sometime soon. As the brunet waited, he greeted his fellow fish friends with a friendly smile and wave. Only a few minutes has past since the male with the undercut appeared. Eren decided to check if he was still there one more time but he was stopped when something hard hit his head. Ow! He exclaimed, placing his hand on the spot where the object hit him. Turns out it was just a rock…what the hell…?

          Realizing what he had just done, he covered his mouth as he notice the guy trotting towards him. Shit. Oh shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. SHIT.  The idiot teen thought to himself, sinking deeper into the ocean, hoping the man wouldn’t see him. He had to admit, he screwed up a lot of times but this was probably the worst.

     After looking for a few moments, he noticed a bunch of bubbles rising up to the surface of the water. Shrugging it off, he assumed he hit a fish with the smooth rock and it frightened them to swim off.

     Soft thunder rolls in the distance warned him that he should get back into shelter, so he stood straight and walked away from the salty water. Strolling up the wooden stairs that lead to the path back to the more public area, he turned back to look down at the water.

     The wind picked up a bit, and made a strong breeze go over the land, his hair softly whipping around along with the loose parts of his shirt. It made it seem like he was in a drama or something.

     Forget it, he thought. It might get too dangerous to stay out here for too long. He can always come back later, to wait and see if anything.. Strange were to happen again.

athrealsnightingale whispered: She takes notice of his face but keeps her normal emotionless expression intact. "Sorry to annoy you." She apologizes her tone monotone, not giving any indication if it was true or not. "However, why not look at the little things that you pass by?"


"I’m too busy to look at pointless things."

Closed || short-corporal-rivaille


The bright and heated sun rays hitting his back.

The sound of peaceful waves gently hitting the shore.

Resting on a cold, large boulder that made him feel drowsy,

Inhaling the fresh air that had a scent of the salty sea.

Listening to the seagulls sqwak as they fly above the land.

It was a great day for him.

Or so he thought it was.

          Almost dozing off into sleep, the teenager shot back up once he heard a loud bang. Turns out it was just the harbor men loading in some boxes that carried who knows what inside. It was a good thing he was lying down on a large boulder, shallow enough for half of his body to be dipped into the water to keep him hydrated. It distanced him from the rest of the humans. Who knows what would happen if they spotted him.  

          Seeing as another ship approaching the coast, the brunet immediately dived into the salty water, hiding behind the rock he was laying on, making sure he went unnoticed. As the giant wooden object appeared to be dangerously close, he duck his head underwater and swam deep into the sea, fishtail swishing back and forth. Didn’t expect him to be non-human, huh?

          Well now his time of spectating the humans was over, he swam through arches made out of rocks and large parties of fish who seemed to annoyingly be in the way. Stopping to take a break, he noticed a small black object slowly descending with bubbles of air following its lead. Maybe it was another ‘thing’ that fell from one of the ships. But…something was off…the object seemed to be moving…

Oh no. 

          Immediately swimming towards the moving ‘object’, he noticed it was a live human being drowning. How did this occur? Maybe it was that ship from earlier that had dropped him? Now wasn’t the time to think. He had to save this man’s life, even if it meant him getting caught. Firmly wrapping his right arm around the male’s waist, he swam towards the surface as fast as he could because it seemed the man was unconscious from the lack of air.

          Bursting out of the water, he looked in every direction for land then down at the unconscious male who seemed to be in pain. Noticing the faint scent of blood, he saw a large silver sword stabbed through his stomach. Now he had to work ten times as harder if he wanted the man to live. He had no choice other than to swim back to the coast. A lot of humans were lurking there so he would risking his life. Though he already made it this far so he wasn’t giving up.

          Only a few measly minutes had past and they made it near the bay area. Unsure of what to do now, he was afraid if he got too close, he would be spotted and captured. He had no knowledge of how the human body worked nor medical treatment. His only hope was to dump him on the sand and hope for someone to spot him then retreat as fast as he can, Luckily, the plan worked. Hiding behind the boulder he was laying on before, a female having a walk with her child saw the man and immediately called for help which relieved Eren.

          Seeing now the man was in good care, he dived into the water and swam over to his marked property and rest. After all, he did have an exhausting day.

    Noises.. He heard someone talking. Who could it have been? Well.. You don’t know until you open your eyes.. Come on, you can open them.

    After awhile of pep talk to himself in his head, he finally worked up the strength to open up his eyes. Why was the task so difficult? Its just opening eyes.. Why does he feel so tired? Like nearly all of the life of him was drained.

    Blinking to get used to the light, he stared up at the white ceiling with small cracks forming. It would take about about a year or two for the building’s owner to notice and try to fix it before the ceiling would collapse in. Speaking of building… Where the hell was he exactly?

    Sitting up, he nearly fell back because of the sudden muscle spasm in his waist. He looked down to see some bandages wrapped around his waist and above. A spot was soaked in fresh blood. Maybe that’s why he feels so drained…

"Please don’t move. You’ll make your injury worse."

     A voice spoke. It was just a girl who was dressed in a nurses attire, holding a roll of fresh new bandages. He figured she knew some things about proper medical care, so he obeyed and remained still.

    After getting the fresh bandages and asking about his whereabouts and what happened, he could rest with some ease about knowing what was going on. He was also told that he would heal within a few weeks.

Time Skip

    A sigh.

    Levi was leaning against a boulder down by the ocean, staring across the water and the stormy gray clouds that surrounded the area. He should get to ‘home’ or more likely cover soon before the storm hits.

    Out of boredom, he picked up a nice sized rock that was pretty smooth, and threw it into the water. And the most strangest thing happened.. He heard someone say an ‘Ouch’, but their voice sounded like the were underwater.. Approaching the water, he crouched down to inspect. But he didn’t see anything— Or anyone..


for u and the crew

Carrying steel blades in our hands, we sing a song of victory, bearing the wings of freedom upon our backs. Clenching our resolve to our hearts, we tear through the spiral of foolishness, dancing through..

With our Wings of Freedom 




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athrealsnightingale whispered: She looks back toward the pond at the abandoned park. "Do you come here because of how silent and peaceful it is?" She questions, the park is nearly forgotten by most. She didn't know others still came.


"I was just passing through here."

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